integrated | insightful | sensory | transformative

Landscaping and architecture are not just about plants and property. They guide and inform how we move through and experience the space around us, our environment. It’s about how we respond, however unconsciously, while we move through that space. What are the elements in our environment, and where should they be placed, that they will beckon us to explore, to investigate, or to simply enjoy their presence? How do we experience the unexpected, inviting, unique, whimsical? Does it tell a story? And fundamentally: What makes space become place?

We are always exploring new insights, both physically and philosophically, into what makes a space experiential. Understanding how the different elements that create spatial landscapes interact (stone, water, earth, plantings, artifacts, as well as existing vistas, grading, soil configuration, building sites, traffic and pedestrian patterns, and so on) helps define new ways of looking at those elements and how they might be integrated to create a more powerful and meaningful space.

innovation | collaboration | focus | attention to detail

We focus on designing interpretative, intimate, and transformative space for both residential and commercial clients. Functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand; but we want to take it one step further: to create a personal and meaningful relationship between the client and the landscape.  We spend a great deal of time surveying a site, and a great deal of time with our clients to more fully understand what they want to achieve in their design. How this translates in a commercial setting is vastly different from that of a residential application. But the focus and personal attention we give are the same.

We’re also very interested in what other architects and designers can bring to the table, and look forward to collaborations.

Finally, we honor the space we have been invited to transform, and pay a great deal of attention to detail, because it is the details that often define whether a creation will have a real impact on the space within which it resides.